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Leather Treatment

Heated and ventilated seats put a strain on your vehicle’s leather, and dry leather is leather that dies. Thus, it is important to carry out regular maintenance of the leather so that it remains soft and keeps its new appearance.

Our 2-year leather treatment is ideal for restoring and preserving the original lustre and colour of the vehicle’s leather seats and trim. A lack of maintenance will cause discoloration of the leather as well as creases and tears, which will incur repair costs. With this protection, you save yourself the hassle while keeping the interior looking like new!

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Fabric Treatment

This treatment is a complete and uniform protection that seals the fibres of the car seat upholstery by creating a waterproof barrier. After the treatment, if a mess occurs, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove all traces. With this treatment, you preserve the new appearance of the upholstery, while facilitating the cleaning.

A fabric treatment will help your upholstery retain its colour and resistance to UV rays, which over time will dry out the fabric and cause it to fade. Our 2-year protection will protect the upholstery from the daily damage to which it is regularly exposed.

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Convertible Protection

With hotter summers and more intense UV rays, you should not neglect to protect your convertible.

Like the interior upholstery of the vehicle, the roof is exposed to drying out, which causes discoloration of the fabric and tears in the junctions of the mechanism. During the treatment, the technician will apply a product that creates a barrier that repels water and dirt. At the same time, this barrier protects the fabric against abrasion and wear caused by UV rays. This protection lasts up to 12 months and allows fabrics to retain their original suppleness and colour.

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