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Do you want the paintwork of your vehicle to look like new without scratches and even more?

The compound removes almost all the micro-scratches that are present in the paintwork while giving the tarnished surface a special shine and a depth of colour. This is often a necessary step before applying ceramic protection on the bodywork in order to get the maximum mirror effect of the paintwork.

For an optimal result, one needs time, meticulousness, specific tools, quality products, and expertise. It is recommended to entrust your vehicle to equipped and qualified professionals who can carry out this work in a safe manner. An unqualified person is more likely to burn the paintwork, which is damage that is difficult to correct without repainting the vehicle.

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After a few years of exposure to UV rays and dirt buildup, it’s not uncommon for headlights to lose their lustre and transparency, and therefore illuminate you less on a dark road.

Our restoration technique will restore tarnished, scratched and oxidized headlights and give them a new look. Also, after the restoration, we offer you the option of protecting the headlights of your vehicle with a stone barrier film that will prevent them from deteriorating again. The film is warranted against fading, peeling and cracking for as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle.

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