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Car detailing

Paint Sealant

The paint sealant is a thin protective layer that prevents contaminants such as acid rain, insects, bird droppings, brake dust and UV rays from penetrating the varnish layer of the paintwork. In addition, the paint sealant will give a brilliant shine and a depth to the color of the vehicle. A nice hydrophobic effect will make water beads on rainy days, which will reduce the accumulation of dirt on the vehicle and it will make the washing and the drying easier.

By protecting your vehicle annually with a paint sealant, you will preserve its luster and its original color.



After a winter where your vehicle was soiled by calcium and heavy snow, your vehicle deserves a good cleaning to start the summer season.

A good vehicle shampoo will eliminate all traces of odor and dirt inside the vehicle. To offer you this service, we need to keep your vehicle a whole day because we clean:

  • benches
  • the rugs
  • the ceiling
  • air ducts
  • the belts
  • the door hinges
  • the suitcase and spare wheel compartment
  • the exterior

After drying the vehicle, we do a finishing. Your vehicle will be delivered dry and ready to drive.



The engine shampoo will remove the accumulation of oil, grease and dirt under the hood make it looking like new.

Some advantages: 

  • easier to see if there is an oil leak
  • better heat distribution 
  • reduces the risk of corrosion. 
  • Facilitates the resale 

The fragile components of the vehicle to prevent them from being damaged by water. Afterwards, a we apply a coating to protect and polish the pieces.

We take care to protect the fragile components to prevent them from being damaged by water. Afterwards, we apply a coating that protects and polishes the parts.


Spring Clean Up

The Spring clean up is a combination of the following 4 services:

  • engine shampoo
  • interior shampoo
  • paint sealant (paint decontamination included)
  • aquapel treatment on the front windshield

This service is particularly useful when you want to do:

a rental return:
The dealer will evaluate the condition of the vehicle to display it as quickly as possible. If it is not to the liking of the dealer, he will charge you the fees to prepare the vehicle for resale and it is usually quite expensive.

the sale of a vehicle:
Who isn’t looking for a used vehicle smelling and looking like a new vehicle? The first impression is very important, and with a clean and shiny vehicle, you will sell easily.

when looking to restore the new look of your vehicle:
Your car will look so good that you will want to wait before buying a new car.